How do I add a default date to a date field?


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    Mark Dyer

    Hi Mercedes,


    The way to set this as the default value would be to use the 'Default Value' property along with 'Process Value as Default Expression' This will set the value on creation (first save) of the Record

    The expression I would advise is to take Created Date and then set the value to be the first day of the next month minus one day:

    addDays(string(year(addMonths(createdDate(),1))) + '-' + if(month(addMonths(createdDate(), 1)) < 10, '0', '') + month(addMonths(createdDate(),1)) + '-01T00:00:00Z',-1)


    If this is also needs to run on Record Update then it will be necessary to move the Expression into the Expression property for the Field.

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